O ur Software-as-a-Service offering allow Clients to plug in and subscribe to services built on a powerful in-the-cloud infrastructure and application environment via the Internet taking advantage of the following benefits:

  • High adoption to make SaaS applications available from any computer, any time, anywhere.
  • Lower costs trough a subscription based model that lowers IT costs for hardware, software, and the people needed to manage it all.
  • Simplified upgrades performed directly by us ensuring availability
  • Scalability ensured indefinitely to meet Client business / performance demand.
Sviluppo Software

Our solutions in-the-cloud


An enterprise platform to manage all processes that come around physical and virtual training courses. Through We.Co it is possible to handle an entire learning center and all the activities needed for training and courses including administrative and logistic

Teachers and classrooms just a click away!

The multimedia solution suite dedicated to the sharing of business contents within enterprise organizations. Sharing, collaborating and training activities become immediate and suitable for everyone.

Creating and sharing video content have never been so simple!

An Enterprise Content Management System platform designed to handle professional WebSite and Portal using an advanced abstraction between business and presentation logic. A flexible and scalable solution for responding to specific and complex presentation requirements.

A Web Designer at your full disposal!

A machine-learning based application that allows the digital transformation of companies and organizations by providing an advanced tool for converting storage based archives in digital archives indexed with automatic discovered tags.

Your big data archived in few seconds!

Cloud Infrastructure based service that allows Companies to implement a strategy for preventing the loss of revenues, optimizing brand awareness and Client's confidence due to the inappropriate use of online brands (both logos and names).

know in real time who is talking about you over the internet!